Orapi 802 CB5 Moly Chain Lube (5LT)

CB5 is a fluid lubricant specially formulated for lubricating conveyors and chains operating in extreme conditions, under extreme loads, in dusty environments or at high temperatures.


  • Contains agents for cleaning chains: dissolves external and internal grime.
  • Anti-wear, withstands heavy loads thanks to its micronised MoS2 content.
  • Penetrates deeply and adheres extremely well.
  • Neutralises oxides and rust, and protects against the return of rust.
  • Water-resistant; hydrophobic product.
  • Withstands high temperatures (230°C).
  • Ideal lubricant for dusty environments.
  • Due to its long life, fewer replacement parts are needed and there are fewer instances of chain stoppage.
  • MoS2 ensures dry lubrication up to 450°C.
  • Contains no silicone.
  • Oil Type: Industrial Oils, Chain and Cable Oils / Code: ORA802J1
  • Industries: Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering

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