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Zinc Spray 3 in 1 (400gm) Aerosol

Zinc Spray 3 in 1 Bright Finish Cold Galvanising Suitable for Powder Coating.

Orastar 401 Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil

Semi Synthetic Metal Cutting Coolant

Silicone Oil Food Grade 47 V350 (20kg)

Silicone Oil Food Grade V50 to V1000 Very good resistance to high and low temperature. Good combustion resistance.

Ice Melt 94 (10kg) Pail

Highly concentrated Calcium Chloride possesses several unique properties that make it the ideal choice for dust control, deicing and concrete acceleration applications.

Siort Boom Grease PTFE (400gm Lube Shuttle)

4354 GR1is a semi-synthetic multi-purpose lithium soap grease charged with PTFE. Excellent resistance to water washout, rust and corrosion.

Oracool 400 Soluble Cutting Oil (20lt)

Oracool 400 is a multi-purpose EP Nitrite free emulsifiable metal working / cutting fluid containing a highly sophisticated system of extreme pressure additives.

Gensil 12 Paste Silicone Grease (4kg)

Gensil Paste 12 is a high performance silicone based, translucent paste, specially developed for applications in dielectric insulation, surface protection, release and specialized.

Release Spray Gensil 601 (300GM) Aerosol

Release Spray Gensil 601 Aerosol is a spray on release agent based on a polydimethylsiloxane formulation in an aerosol pack.

Gensil 13 Electrical Paste (10kg)

Gensil Paste 13 is a specialty zinc oxide filled silicone compound for industrial or electrical use where high thermal conductivity or high heat dissipation is required.
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