Orapi Moly Lubricant

WITH MoS2 for Booms, Switch Plates & Mechanisms.

Self-cleaning extreme pressure lubricating fluid with MoS2 for external lubrication.
Mixture of dry MoS2-based lubricants in a very high quality mineral substrate

Cleans and lubricates in one go.
Adapted to extreme pressures, up to 800 kg.
Infiltrates all mechanisms and adheres perfectly to surfaces.
Lubrication remains effective for several months.
Very good performance in inclement weather and aggressive environmental conditions (freezing, heat, rain, etc.).
Improves the reliability of lubricated assemblies.
Does not attract dust

  • Oil Type: Industrial Oils, Lubricants & Grease / Code: ORA837EJ1
  • Industries: Maintenance, Mining, Equipment

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