Quality Food Grade NSF H1, Oils and Lubricants.

Oratech Hand Sanitiser Gel (5lt)

Alcohol based Hand Sanitiser 5 Lt bulk pack

Orapi 640 BA Paste (1kg)

PATE BA provides effective protection against rust and contact corrosion.

Silicone Oil Food Grade 47 V350 (20kg)

Silicone Oil Food Grade V50 to V1000 Very good resistance to high and low temperature. Good combustion resistance.

Orapi 615 CT615 Food Grease (400gm) Cartridge

CT 615 is an ultra-premium extreme pressure grease designed for high levels of protection in food service and pharmaceutical industry equipment.

Orapi 616 CT830 Fluronated Grease (1kg)

Orapi 616 CT 830 is a chemically-advanced, fluorinated grease that resists chemical products and withstands difficult conditions.

Orapi 959 Savon Hand Cleaner Powder (5lt) Tub

Effective hand cleaner, plant-based powdered soap and biodegradable.

Orapi 810 Fine 121 (400ml) Aerosol

Vaseline oil, for delicate lubrication and protection against metal corrosion; for any use requiring clean, chlorine-free, sulphur-free and if necessary, food-safe lubricant.

Orapi 799 Reduce AL Penetrant (250ml)

De-seizing lubricant that complies with NSF standards for unintentional contact with foodstuffs. It is completely odourless and colourless.

Orapi 618 CT Flon AL (Food Grade)

TeflonĀ®-based extreme pressure grease for use in and around foodstuffs. CT Flon AL withstands water, vapour and humidity extremely well.

Orapi 609 CT609 Food Grade Grease

Very high quality translucent grease for use in the food and food-processing industries. Universal translucent grease and clean food industries and agriculture
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