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Castrol Stock List

Castrol Performace Oils and Lubricants

Mobil Oil – Product List

Mobil 1, DTE, SHC Gear Oils, Mobiltherm, XHP222 and more. Explore the full range of Industrial Oils for your business.

Orapi 640 BA Paste (1kg)

PATE BA provides effective protection against rust and contact corrosion.

Shell Product List

Shell Tellus, Corena, Diala, Gadus, Morlina, Spirax, Omala and more. Explore the full range of Industrial Oils for your business.

Shell Tellus S2 MX 22, 32, 46, 68, 100

The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids offers a range of options, including the latest synthetic, ashless technology that are designed to help extend pump life.

Oracool 400 Soluble Cutting Oil

Oracool 400 is a multi-purpose EP Nitrite free emulsifiable metal working / cutting fluid containing a highly sophisticated system of extreme pressure additives.

Orapi 802 CB5 Moly Chain Lube (400ml) Aerosol

MoS2 chain lubricant, contains molybdenum disulfide

Orapi 606 CTDMEP2 Synthetic (400GM) Cartridge

CTDMEP 2 is a complex lithium grease that covers lubrication of various materials, even in special environmental, speed and thermal conditions.

Orapi 615 CT615 Food Grease (400gm) Cartridge

CT 615 is an ultra-premium extreme pressure grease designed for high levels of protection in food service and pharmaceutical industry equipment.
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