Orapi 621 SI4 Silicone Grease (1kg)

Insulating, non-adhesive, water-repellent paste formulated from silicone for assembling and various greasing.


  • Non-adhesive.
  • Water-repellent grease demonstrates excellent hold in liquids.
  • Lubricates, and provides optimal sliding.
  • Reinforced resistance to rusting; withstands solvents and chemical agents extremely well.
  • Demonstrates reinforced dielectrical characteristics, even in humid environments.
  • Chemically inert; does not corrode metals.
  • Compatible with plastics, rubber materials, nitrile and EPDM.
  • Oil Type: Grease, Lubricants & Assembly, Silicone & Electrical Grease / Code: ORA621B7
  • Industries: Engineering, Equipment

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