Orapi 874 FTS 32 Stamping Fluid (20lt)

Evanescent (evaporating) oil for metal work: deformation, forming, folding and cutting medium and thin sheet metal.

Does not stain metal
Can be used for a variety of medium-sized operations: forming and cutting.
Provides excellent anti-corrosion protection.
Possesses considerable quenching ability.
Improves the rate of zero-defect production.
Can be used for working a variety of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous, aluminium, copper, cast iron,
stainless steel and other alloys.
Economical thanks to its effectiveness in a wide variety of situations.

Folding, cutting, bending, stamping, profiling, rolling, etc.
Manufacture of non-food packaging, such as tubs, tins, etc.
Manufacture of buckets, aerosoles, burettes, etc.
Manufacture of air conditioning fins, vehicle parts, etc.
Also ideal for many industrial applications.


  • Oil Type: Stamping Fluid, Industrial Oils, Metal Working Fluid / Code: ORA874O1
  • Industries: Manufacturing, Equipment

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