Orapi 606 CTDMEP2 Synthetic Grease

CTDMEP 2 is a semi-synthetic, high-performance and long-lasting grease.

CTDMEP 2 is a complex lithium grease that covers lubrication of various materials, even in special environmental, speed and thermal conditions. CTDMEP 2 is exceptionally stable, has reinforced anti-wear properties, excellent resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, which reduces re-greasing frequency by 3 to 5 times.
In addition, CTDMEP 2:
– adheres perfectly to metal surfaces,
– is water- and vapor-resistant
– has a very high fusion temperature (above 240°C),
– maintains shearing resistance even after months of operation.
Complies with ATEX standards: EN 514 – S 0018 and S 0019 – IEC 79-1

CT DM EP2 is particularly suited to: use as a multi-purpose grease for main bearings and bearings, even under heavy loads, running at speeds of 500 to 8,000 rotations/minute. minimum temperature of -30 to max temperature of +230°C lubrication with grease under difficult conditions (sliding and friction) lubrication of electric engines and bearings in explosive environments.

  • Oil Type: Grease, Lubricant / Code: ORA606O2
  • Industries: Maintenance, Engineering, Transport

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