Orapi 618 CT FLON AL(400ml) Aerosol

TEFLON®-based Extreme Pressure grease for use in and around foodstuffs. CT FLON AL withstands water, vapour and humidity extremely well. The Teflon® content in CT FLON significantly improves the coefficient of friction; good for use in both static and dynamic lubrication. Micronised particles enable penetration of lubricant in the smallest spaces. Lubricating power is guaranteed in high temperatures thanks to presence of Teflon, which makes dry lubrication possible in extreme conditions. Teflon® additive improves the water-resistant power of this
grease. The composition of CT FLON AL permits less frequent lubrication.

  • Oil Type: Industrial Aerosols, Food Grade Lubricants, Grease, Food Grade Grease, Aerosol Lubricant, Grease / Code: ORA618A4
  • Industries: Food & Pharma, Equipment

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