Orapi 540 Orasolv P Degreaser (20lt)

Orasolv P is a multipurpose solvent with improved effectiveness for routine degreasing with a flash point above 60°C for the safest possible working conditions.


  • Highly effective without being heated, avoiding additional energy costs.
  • Solvent not subjected to flammability labelling.
  • Quickly penetrates and dissolves all oily and greasy deposits.
  • High flash point ensures user safety.
  • Compatible with most synthetic materials.
  • Suited to degreasing part washers. Quick evaporation through blowing.
  • Does not contain enzymes or bacteria, which limits the risk of mutation.
  • Oil Type: Cleaners, Degreaser, Solvents / Code: ORA540O2
  • Industries: Maintenance, Transport, Equipment

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