Orapi 612 Cable & Open Gear Grease (400ml) Aerosol

GRAISSE ENG CB is a lubricating grease for cables and open gears, developed using a new technique to replace “black” asphalt-based grease.
This new formula renders unnecessary the use of odourous and chlorinated solvents for dissolving asphalt which have been banned for being hazardous to human health and the environment.

GRAISSE ENG CB resists high temperatures under heavy loads (e.g., teeth of open gears on ore crushers).
Contains chemically-bonded extreme pressure additives and a lithium-calcium mixed soap to increase adherence.
Possesses reinforced anti-corrosive properties.
Significantly prolongs the life of cables and gear teeth.
Provides noticeable reduction in noise and energy consumption.

  • Oil Type: Lubricant / Code: ORA612A4
  • Industries: Maintenance, Engineering, Mining, Equipment

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