Enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

Cyclo Rust Converter (283gm)

Seals & converts rusted surface into paintable area. Neutralizes rust & is longlasting. Use on gates, bridges, marine equipment, farm tools, metal roofs & more.

Cyclo Red Grease Aerosol (298gm)

Protects & lubricates. Red colouring provides easy visual inspection and up to 400°F / 204°C working temperature.

Cyclo White Grease (312gm)

Long lasting & stays pliable. Reduces wear & stops squeaks. Repels moisture to protect against rust & corrosion.

Cyclo Break Away Penetrating Oil (369gm)

Penetrant & super lubricants. Breaks loose rusted joints & bolts. Controls rust, corrosion & squeaks.

Cyclo Elec Motor Cleaner (510gm)

Cleans & degreases electrical systems, starters, generators, alternators, solenoids & equipment. Non-flammable. Use without disassembling.

Cyclo Dry Moly Lubricant (291gm)

Fills in metal imperfections to create a smooth surface. Low shear resistance & quick air-drying.

Cyclo Silicone Spray Heavy Duty (283gm)

Lubricates, seals & protects. Great for sliding mechanisms. Prevents sticking, freezing & squeaks .

Cyclo Electrical Contact Cleaner (312gm)

Instantly removes oil, grease, dirt & grime. Precision cleaner designed to replace CFC products where lower flashpoint solvents may be used. Applications: electronics, lighting.

Cyclo Carburetor Cleaner (369gm)

Powerful solvent spray removes varnish, carbon & dirt,safe for oxygen sensors.

Cyclo Chain & Cable Lube (311gm)

Foams on to stay in place then penetrates to provide maximum lubrication. O-ring safe.
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