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Cyclo Elec Motor Cleaner (510gm)

Cleans & degreases electrical systems, starters, generators, alternators, solenoids & equipment. Non-flammable. Use without disassembling.

Cyclo White Grease (312gm)

Long lasting & stays pliable. Reduces wear & stops squeaks. Repels moisture to protect against rust & corrosion.

Cyclo Red Grease Aerosol (298gm)

Protects & lubricates. Red colouring provides easy visual inspection and up to 400°F / 204°C working temperature.

Cyclo Rust Converter (283gm)

Seals & converts rusted surface into paintable area. Neutralizes rust & is longlasting. Use on gates, bridges, marine equipment, farm tools, metal roofs & more.

Cyclo SOS Spray of Salt Concentrate

Removes salt deposits, inhibits Rust & Corrosion, dries Without Leaving Waxy Residue,great for Saltwater and Freshwater, ideal for Flushing Engines

Cyclo Glass Cleaner (539gm)

Safe for window tinting film & all auto, marine, farm & industrial equipment, cuts grease, grime & nicotine film

Cyclo Max Clean-All Purpose Cleaner (510gm)

Multi-purpose foaming cleaner boosted with citrus activators,deep-cleaning foaming action

Cyclo Break Away Penetrating Oil (369gm)

Penetrant & super lubricants. Breaks loose rusted joints & bolts. Controls rust, corrosion & squeaks.
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